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Producer's Choice

PC Lights, LLC
PC Lights, LLC
Producerschoice world Headquarters
Not much new here at Producers Choice world Headquarters .just waiting the virus out.
Hope everyone is ok.
How’s everyone else doing?
PC Lights, LLC
PC Lights, LLC
Crazy times out there.hope all my fellow workers and clients are doing ok.
If anyone wants to come by our shop and checkout any of our equipment just for fun hit me up.
We have Sky panels,light panels,quasars,asteras,Astras,kinos,hmi’s ,kinos,tungsten etc...
We even have a Sony fs5 to play with.
We have room to set up a back drop and shoot something if you want.
Stay safe my friends!
PC Lights, LLC
PC Lights, LLC
Maintenance...with pretty sparks!
PC Lights, LLC
PC Lights, LLC
We now have new bendy type stands...


Producer's Choice - latest projects

US Olympics
Delta Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Canada Dry
World Market
Bud Light
American Heart Association


plus succesful
projects including


Dell computer

Vera Bradley



US Air Force & Army

Red Bull

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